Welcome to my website. I am Kaushik from Christchurch, New Zealand (God’s own country) whose main passion in life is all about software. The vision statement of the website is Software consultation, mentoring, teaching and learning new technologies. Everyday I do what I love most: Learning new technologies and tools related to software development during the daytime. I have been to mentor and training young and intelligent minds with the cutting edge technologies that will enable them to enjoy a great career path and settle in the pursuit of a great profession.  This site show cases my background, experience and skills as a software and web development consultant from New Zealand. With my extensive exposure to teaching and mentoring I intend to post instructional videos on recent topics and emerging trends and technologies in application development. I wish to request the site visitors to view the video clips and put their valuable comments/feedback in YouTube link or through the contact form. Welcome to my website.


My aim is to include the projects recently undertaken in the portfolio page of this site.  The intended purpose of the site is to be a platform for blogging as well. Consequently, I hope that the site will encourage bouncing ideas off from the developers. With my extensive software and life skills with the hunger for learning and imparting knowledge to the curious, possessing a similar quest for knowledge, the site is my ultimate goal to train the minds and learn in return. This piece of real estate in the internet that I possess gives me the opportunity to hone my skills in website development and experiment different ways to improve its present-ability.


My YouTube channel is being developed at the moment and is available at my instructional channel

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